Irish Steel Holdings Limited (Amendment) Act, 1971

Amendment of section 9 of Principal Act.

2.—Section 9 of the Principal Act, which imposes a limit on the guarantee by the Minister of the repayment of moneys borrowed by the Company, is hereby amended—

(a) by the substitution in subsection (3) of “£3,000,000” for “£1,000,000” (inserted by the Irish Steel Holdings Limited (Amendment) Act, 1963 ),


(b) by the insertion in subsection (1) after “to the Company” and in subsection (2) after “and the payment of such interest” of “or the due payment by the Company of instalments of moneys owed by the Company and outstanding under a contract entered into by the Company or the interest on any such moneys outstanding or both the payment of such instalments and such interest.”