Central Bank Act, 1971

Approval by Minister of transfer of bank.

33.—(1) Whenever the holder of a licence (in this Part referred to as the transferor) agrees to transfer, in whole or in part, to another holder of a licence (in this Part referred to as the transferee) the business to which the licence relates—

(a) the transferor and transferee may, not less than four months before the date on which the transfer is intended to take effect (in this Part referred to as the transfer date), submit to the Minister for his approval a scheme for the transfer,

(b) the transferor and transferee shall, not less than one month before the transfer date, publish notice of the transfer in at least one daily newspaper published in the State,

(c) the Minister, after consultation with the Bank, may, not less than two months before the transfer date, either approve of or decline to approve of the scheme by order,

(d) if the Minister approves of the scheme under this section, the provisions of sections 34 to 39 and 42 of this Act shall, if, and to the extent only that, the scheme so provides, have effect in relation to the transfer,

(e) the Minister may, at the request of the transferor and transferee, include in an order approving of the scheme under paragraph (c) of this subsection such incidental, consequential and supplemental provisions as he thinks appropriate for facilitating and implementing the transfer and securing that it shall be fully and effectively carried out, including provisions for substituting the name of the transferee for the transferor or otherwise adapting references to the transferor in any statute or instrument made under statute.

(2) An order under subsection (1) of this section or under this subsection may, after consultation with the Bank and with the consent of the transferor and the transferee to whom it relates, be amended by the Minister by order.