Central Bank Act, 1971

Regulation of ratios between assets and liabilities of holders of licences.

23.—(1) The Bank may from time to time require a holder of a licence to maintain—

(a) a specified ratio,

(b) a ratio which does not exceed a specified ratio, or

(c) a ratio which is not less than a specified ratio,

between his assets and his liabilities and the specified ratio may be expressed as a percentage of the assets or liabilities concerned.

(2) A requisition under this section may be expressed to apply—

(a) in relation to all holders of licences or to holders of a specified category or specified categories,

(b) in relation to the total assets or total liabilities of the holders of licences concerned or to specified assets or assets of a specified kind or specified liabilities or liabilities of a specified kind of those holders,

(c) in relation to a specified time or times or during a specified period or periods,

and shall have effect in accordance with its terms.

(3) A requisition under this section which is in force may be revoked by the Bank or may be amended by a subsequent requisition under this section.

(4) In this section “specified” means specified by the Bank in a requisition under this section.