Transport (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1971

Dissolution of Joint Committee.

12.—(1) When the Joint Committee has complied with any request made to it by the Board for the purpose of securing that the ownership of any property or assets or any right is effectively transferred to the Board and has ascertained that the Board does not desire to make any further request, the Joint Committee shall notify the Minister.

(2) If the Minister is satisfied (whether any such notice has been given to him or not) that any request so made has been complied with and that there are no further requirements to be complied with, he shall make an order that there is no reason for the continued existence of the Joint Committee and shall cause the order to be published in Iris Oifigiúil and upon the publication thereof the Joint Committee shall be dissolved and section 28 of the Act of 1906, by which the Joint Committee was incorporated, shall cease to have effect.

(3) During the period beginning on the transfer date and ending on the dissolution of the Joint Committee, the statutory provisions and other instruments relating to it shall remain in force in relation thereto as if this Part had not been passed, so far as the powers conferred thereby are required for the remaining purposes of the Joint Committee.

(4) All expenses reasonably and properly incurred by the Joint Committee (including remuneration of its members) after the transfer date for the purpose of winding up its affairs shall be defrayed by the Board, and the Board shall make available to the Joint Committee such facilities for the examination of and the making of extracts from or copies of books, accounts and documents surrendered to the Board as the Joint Committee may reasonably require.