International Health Bodies (Corporate Status) Act, 1971

Revocation of corporate status order.

7.— (1) If—

(a) on the application of a body to which a corporate status order relates, the Minister so thinks fit, or

(b) there is not such an application but the Minister considers that it is in the public interest to do so,

the Minister may, subject to subsection (4) of this section, by order revoke a corporate status order.

(2) Subject to the proviso to this subsection, a revoking order shall contain such provisions as the Minister considers necessary or expedient consequential on the revocation and, in particular, may provide for—

(a) the dissolution of the body to which the corporate status order to be thereby revoked relates,

(b) the transfer or distribution of the property, rights or liabilities of such body,

(c) the preservation of continuing contracts made by such body,

(d) the continuance of pending legal proceedings,

provided that in case the revoking order falls to be made because of an application by a body to which a corporate status order relates, the Minister shall, before making the revoking order, consult that body with regard to the provisions to be contained in the order.

(3) In case the Minister proposes to make a revoking order he shall cause to appear in at least two daily newspapers published in the State a notice of his intention to make the order.

(4) Any person may, within the period of fourteen days beginning on the date on which the requirements of subsection (3) of this section are complied with, make an application to the Minister in respect of any matter to which an order to be made under this section is intended to relate and the Minister shall, as soon as may be, decide the application and notify the person of his decision.