S.I. No. 68/1970 - Statistics (Trade Statistics (Shannon Free Airport)) Order, 1970.

S.I. No. 68 of 1970.


The Taoiseach, in pursuance of the powers conferred by section 16 (1) of the Statistics Act, 1926 (No. 12 of 1926), the Statistics Acts, 1926 and 1946 (Transfer of Ministerial Functions) Order, 1949 ( S.I. No. 142 of 1949 ), and the Customs-free Airport (Extension of Laws) Regulations, 1970, hereby orders as follows:—

1. This Order may be cited as the Statistics (Trade Statistics (Shannon Free Airport)) Order, 1970.

2. The Interpretation Act, 1937 (No. 38 of 1937), applies to this Order.

3.—(1) In this Order—

"scheduled matter" means the matter set out in Part III of the Schedule hereto;

"scheduled month" means a month specified in Part I of the Schedule hereto;

"scheduled trade" means the trade specified in Part II of the Schedule hereto;

1947, No. 5

"Shannon Free Airport" means the Customs-free airport for the purposes of the Customs-free Airport Act, 1947 ;

"trade statistics (Shannon Free Airport)" means statistics—

(a) relating to undertakings carrying on the scheduled trade, and

(b) of the scheduled matter.

(2) References in this Order to importing and exporting shall be construed as referring to bringing into and out of Shannon Free Airport from and to countries outside the State (whether directly or inclusive of transit through the rest of the State or an airport therein).

4. Trade statistics (Shannon Free Airport) shall be collected in respect of each scheduled month.

5. The following are the classes of persons by whom returns are to be made or information is to be given for the purpose of trade statistics (Shannon Free Airport), that is to say, every person carrying on the scheduled trade on whom a sufficient requisition under section 8 of the Statistics Act, 1926 , is made.

6.—(1) The forms to be used in the collection of trade statistics (Shannon Free Airport) shall, subject to the next paragraph, be the forms S.T. 5270(I) and S.T. 5270(E) which, sealed with the seal of the Taoiseach, have been deposited in the Department of the Taoiseach.

(2) In the case of a form for any particular undertaking—

(a) the following may be pre-printed:

(i) main commodities,

(ii) country headings,

(iii) appropriate explanatory notes or instructions,

(b) units of quantity for each commodity may be specified,

(c) superfluous columns may be deleted or additional columns inserted.



Any of the months of—

(a) February to December in the year 1970, or

(b) January to December in the year 1971 or any subsequent year.


The importation and exportation of goods.


For each establishment:

(a) identification particulars of establishment,

(b) identification of relevant scheduled month,

(c) quantity and value of each commodity distinguished in the Official Import and Export Lists for the time being in force, imported from and exported to each separate country during that month.

GIVEN under the Official Seal of the Taoiseach, this 8th day of April, 1970.




The purpose of this instrument is to require that statistics of external trade in respect of Shannon Customs-free Airport be furnished each month to the Central Statistics Office covering all undertakings in the Airport in respect of which the prescribed forms have been issued.