The Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland (Charter Amendment) Act, 1969

Transitory provisions.

12.—(1) Pending the adoption of new Bye-laws and the election of a new Council pursuant thereto, the affairs of the Institution shall be managed by a Provisional Council consisting of all persons who were at the passing of this Act members of the Council of the Institution together with all persons who were then members of the Central Council of the Cumann. Such Provisional Council shall draft new Bye-laws for the Institution and shall arrange for the convening of a General Meeting of the members of the Institution in Dublin not later than one year after the passing of this Act. Not less than twenty-one days’ notice in writing of such meeting, specifying the time and place of the meeting, shall be sent to all members by prepaid post addressed to them at their last known place of address, and a copy of the draft new Bye-laws shall be sent with each such notice but the non-receipt of any such notice or copy of the draft new Bye-laws by, or the accidental omission to give such notice or copy to, any member shall not invalidate the proceedings at such meeting.

(2) Any proposed amendment to such draft Bye-laws shall be in writing, signed by not less than ten members, and sent by prepaid post to the Secretary so as to reach him not less than seven days before the date of the said General Meeting. At such meeting the draft Bye-laws and any such proposed amendments shall be put to the vote and, if they are not approved by a majority of those present

and voting, the meeting shall be adjourned to a date to be announced by the Chairman and the Provisional Council shall in the meantime revise the draft Bye-laws, which as so revised shall be again put to the vote: and if necessary there shall be further adjournments until the draft Bye-laws are so approved.

(3) When draft Bye-laws have been approved at a General Meeting they shall be circulated by post to all members where addresses are known for acceptance or rejection en bloc by postal vote, such votes to reach the Secretary on or before a specified date to be fixed by the Provisional Council. In the event of a majority of the postal votes cast being in favour of acceptance, the Provisional Council shall declare the draft Bye-laws to be accepted and they shall thereupon become and be the Bye-laws of the Institution.

(4) If there shall not be a majority of such postal votes in favour of acceptance, the Provisional Council shall convene a further General Meeting to consider objections and any further proposed amendments, and if necessary such meeting shall be adjourned from time to time until draft Bye-laws are approved by a majority of the votes cast at such meeting. When such approval has been obtained the draft Bye-laws so approved shall thereupon become and be the Bye-laws of the Institution.

(5) The Provisional Council shall nominate the person to act as Chairman at such General Meetings and in the case of equality of votes such Chairman shall have an additional or casting vote.

(6) The Provisional Council shall have all the powers now vested in the Council and may appoint and pay out of the funds of the Institution reasonable remuneration to a Secretary or to joint secretaries, or other officials.