Shipping Investment Grants Act, 1969

Conditions imposed in making of grant under this Act.

6.—(1) In making a grant under this Act the Minister shall impose such conditions as he thinks fit for securing that any asset in respect of which a grant has been, or is proposed to be, made will continue to be used as required by those conditions and for restricting the chartering of any ship concerned, and such conditions may require the repayment in specified circumstances of the grant or part thereof.

(2) The Minister may by notice in writing require any person who has received a grant under this Act, and any person acting on that person's behalf, to furnish to the Minister such information, or to produce for examination on behalf of the Minister, such books, records or other documents as may be specified in the notice for the purpose of enabling the Minister to determine whether any condition subject to which the grant was made has been satisfied or is being complied with or whether the grant has become repayable in whole or in part in accordance with any such condition.

(3) A notice under subsection (2) may require the information to which it relates to be furnished within such time as may be specified in the notice and may require documents to be produced at such time and place as may be so specified.