Road Traffic Act, 1968

Regulations for the general control of traffic and pedestrians.

60.—(1) The Minister may make regulations for the general regulation and control of traffic and pedestrians in public places.

(2) Regulations under this section may, in particular and without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), provide for all or any of the following matters:

(a) specifying rules for the use of roads by traffic and pedestrians;

(b) specifying rules for the parking of vehicles in public places;

(c) requiring traffic to proceed along a specified side of the roadway or, in the case of dual or multiple carriageways, along a specified carriageway;

(d) assigning different parts of the roadway (including cycle tracks) to different traffic;

(e) prohibiting specified traffic from using specified parts of the roadway;

(f) prohibiting traffic from using footways;

(g) specifying rights of priority of passage for traffic proceeding in the same direction or in different directions (whether opposite or crossing);

(h) specifying the courses to be taken by traffic at road junctions;

(i) regulating and controlling the stopping, reversing, turning and overtaking of vehicles;

(j) regulating and controlling the driving of mechanically propelled vehicles and pedal cycles in relation to animals or animal-drawn traffic;

(k) regulating and controlling the driving or leading of animals;

(l) assigning specified parts of the road to pedestrians;

(m) regulating and controlling the conduct of pedestrians on roads (and, in particular, the crossing of roadways by pedestrians) and specifying the respective rights of priority of traffic and pedestrians on roadways;

(n) requiring specified signals to be given by persons in charge of traffic to indicate their intentions;

(o) the control of traffic and pedestrians by members of the Garda Síochána (and, in particular, specifying the signals to be given by such members and requiring persons in charge of traffic and pedestrians to obey those signals);

(p) the control and regulation of traffic and pedestrians by means of traffic signs in relation to which regulations (including regulations as to the significance to be attached to those signs) are for the time being in force under section 95 (2) of the Principal Act (and, in particular, requiring persons in charge of traffic and pedestrians to comply with any prohibition, restriction or requirement indicated by those signs);

(q) requiring persons in charge of traffic to give audible warning of their approach;

(r) prohibiting (or prohibiting save where authorised by specified persons and subject to such conditions as may be attached to the authorisation) or restricting races, rallies, trials of speed or other competitions on roads;

(s) specifying rules for the speed of traffic in specified circumstances.

(3) Different regulations may be made under this section—

(a) in respect of different classes of traffic,

(b) for different circumstances, different areas and different classes of roads.

(4) Bye-laws made under section 88 of the Principal Act and in force at the commencement of this section shall continue in force and shall be deemed to be regulations made under this section and shall be capable of being amended or revoked accordingly.

(5) A person who contravenes a regulation under this section shall be guilty of an offence.

(6) In this section “traffic” does not include pedestrians.