Army Pensions Act, 1968

Allowances to certain widows and children (wound pension or pension under section 28 or 29 of the Army Pensions Act, 1937).

4.—(1) Where—

(a) a person died while in receipt of either a wound pension under the Acts or a pension under section 28 or 29 of the Army Pensions Act, 1937 ,

(b) the pension payable to that person at the time of his death was based on a degree of disablement of less than fifty per cent,

(c) that person would have been entitled, immediately before his death, to a further pension or a married pension if the sole condition necessary for the grant of that further pension or married pension had been that he was at that time a married man for the purposes of the Acts, and

(d) that person's death was due solely to the disablement in respect of which the pension was granted,

the Minister, on application being made to him, may grant to the widow (provided she has not remarried) and children of that person the appropriate allowances under the Acts, as amended by this Act.

(2) Every application for an allowance under this section shall be made not later than twelve months after the date of the passing of this Act.