Income Tax Act, 1967.

Payment of reduced amount of sur-tax pending determination of appeal.

529.—Where an appeal relating to sur-tax is taken and the Special Commissioners are of opinion that the amount of sur-tax charged in any assessment exceeds the amount of sur-tax which will be payable when the appeal is finally determined—

(a) the Special Commissioners shall order payment of such reduced amount of sur-tax as in their opinion is just, having regard to the information available,

(b) that reduced amount of sur-tax shall be collected and paid in all respects as if it was sur-tax charged in an assessment which had become final and conclusive,

(c) when the amount of sur-tax correctly chargeable has been finally determined, any balance of sur-tax chargeable in accordance with the determination shall be payable or any tax overpaid shall be repaid, as the case may require.