Income Tax Act, 1967.

Admissibility of statements and documents in criminal and tax proceedings.

521.—(1) Statements made or documents produced by or on behalf of a person shall not be inadmissible in any such proceedings as are mentioned in subsection (2), by reason only that it has been drawn to his attention that—

(a) in relation to income tax or sur-tax, the Revenue Commissioners may accept pecuniary settlements instead of instituting proceedings, and

(b) though no undertaking can be given as to whether or not the Revenue Commissioners will accept such a settlement in the case of any particular person, it is the practice of the Revenue Commissioners to be influenced by the fact that a person has made a full confession of any fraud or default to which he has been a party, and has given full facilities for investigation,

and that he was or may have been induced thereby to make the statements or produce the documents.

(2) The proceedings referred to in subsection (1) are:

(a) any criminal proceedings against the person in question for any form of fraud or wilful default in connection with or in relation to income tax or sur-tax; and

(b) any proceedings against him for the recovery of any sum due from him, whether by way of tax, fine, forfeiture or penalty, in connection with or in relation to income tax or sur-tax.