Income Tax Act, 1967.

Evidence in proceedings for recovery of tax.

489.—(1) In any proceedings in the Circuit Court or the District Court for or in relation to the recovery of income tax or sur-tax, an affidavit duly made by an officer of the Revenue Commissioners (including as regards the matters mentioned in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this subsection the Collector) deposing to any of the following matters—

(a) that the assessment of tax was duly made,

(b) that the assessment has become final and conclusive,

(c) that the tax or any specified part thereof is due and outstanding,

(d) that demand for the payment of the tax has been duly made,

shall be evidence, until the contrary is proved, of the matters so deposed to.

(2) If the averments in the affidavit are not disputed by the defendant or respondent, it shall not be necessary for the officer by whom the affidavit was made to attend or give oral evidence at the hearing of the proceedings nor shall it be necessary to produce or put in evidence at the hearing any register, file, book of assessment, or other record relating to the tax.

(3) If any averment contained in the affidavit is disputed by the defendant or respondent, the judge or justice shall upon such terms as to costs as he thinks just give a reasonable opportunity by adjournment of the hearing or otherwise for the officer by whom the affidavit was made to attend and give oral evidence in the proceedings and for any such record as aforesaid to be produced and put in evidence in the proceedings.