Income Tax Act, 1967.

Commitment of defaulter to prison.

483.—(1) If a person neglects or refuses to pay tax charged upon him by virtue of this Act within ten clear days after demand as aforesaid, and no sufficient distress can be found whereby the same may be levied, the Special Commissioners may, by warrant under their hands and seals, commit him to prison, there to be kept without bail until payment be made of that sum or security given to their satisfaction for payment thereof, together with such further sum, as the Commissioners shall adjudge to be reasonable, for the costs and expenses of apprehending and conveying him to prison; and every such person shall be detained and kept in prison according to the tenor and effect of the warrant.

(2) By direction of the Minister for Finance or of the Revenue Commissioners, the Special Commissioners shall issue their warrant to the governor of the prison in which any defaulter is detained under their warrant, directing the liberation of the defaulter, and, on receipt thereof, the governor shall forthwith release and discharge him out of custody, if he is under detention for no other cause than as set forth in the warrant of commitment.