Income Tax Act, 1967.

Exempted trading operations.

374.—(1) In this section “qualified company” means a company the whole or part of the trade of which is carried on within the airport.

(2) Subject to subsections (5) and (6), the Minister may give a certificate certifying that such trading operations of a qualified company as are specified in the certificate are, with effect as from their commencement, exempted trading operations for the purposes of this Chapter, and any certificate so given shall, unless it is revoked under subsection (4), remain in force until the expiration of the period of twenty-five years from the 25th day of November, 1958.

(3) A certificate under subsection (2) may be given either without conditions or subject to such conditions as the Minister considers proper and specifies therein.

(4) Where, in the case of a company in relation to which a certificate under subsection (2) has been given—

(a) the trade of the company ceases or becomes carried on wholly outside the airport, or

(b) the Minister is satisfied that the company has failed to comply with any condition subject to which the certificate was given,

the Minister may, by notice in writing served by registered post on the company, revoke the certificate.

(5) The Minister shall not certify, under subsection (2), that a trading operation is an exempted trading operation unless it falls within one or more of the following classes of trading operations:

(a) the sale of goods exported, or to be exported, out of the State by the qualified company (whether acting as principal or agent), being goods which have been produced, manufactured or processed within the airport by the qualified company,

(b) the sale of goods exported, or to be exported, out of the State by the qualified company, being goods which have been imported into the State and which have been packaged or handled within the airport by the qualified company,

(c) the repair or maintenance, within the airport, of aircraft,

(d) the rendering, within the airport or outside the State, of services entailing the use of aircraft or air transport,

(e) other trading operations in regard to which the Minister is of opinion, after consultation with the Minister for Transport and Power, that they contribute to the use or development of the airport,

(f) trading operations which are ancillary to any of those described in the foregoing paragraphs of this subsection.

(6) The Minister shall not certify, under subsection (2), that any of the following trading operations is an exempted trading operation:

(a) the sale of goods brought, or to be brought, from the airport into any other part of the State otherwise than in the course of being exported out of the State,

(b) the rendering, to persons resident in the State outside the airport, of services,

(c) the production or manufacture of goods outside the airport,

(d) the operation of an air transport service other than an air transport service which—

(i) is operated between the airport and a place outside the State, and

(ii) is not so operated under an international bilateral agreement to which the Government is a party,

(e) the rendering within the State of—

(i) services to embarking or disembarking aircraft passengers, including hotel, catering, money changing or transport (other than air transport) services, or

(ii) services in connection with the landing, departure, loading or unloading of aircraft,

(f) the sale of goods by retail,

(g) the sale of consumable goods for the fuelling of aircraft or for shipment as aircraft stores,

(h) a trading operation carried on in the course of trading in Northern Ireland or Great Britain.