Income Tax Act, 1967.

Spreading of revenue payments over several years.

291.—(1) Where a royalty or other sum to which section 433 or 434 applies is paid in respect of the user of a patent, and that user extended over a period of six complete years or more, the person receiving the payment may require that the income tax (including sur-tax) payable by him by reason of the receipt of that sum shall be reduced so as not to exceed the total amount of income tax (including sur-tax) which would have been payable by him if that royalty or sum had been paid in six equal instalments at yearly intervals, the last of which was paid on the date on which the payment was in fact made.

(2) Subsection (1) shall apply in relation to a royalty or other sum where the period of the user is two complete years or more but less than six complete years as it applies to the royalties and sums mentioned in that subsection, but with the substitution for the reference to six equal instalments of a reference to so many equal instalments as there are complete years comprised in that period.

(3) In this section, any reference to the income tax (including sur-tax) payable by a person includes, in cases where the income of a wife is deemed to be the income of the husband, references to the income tax (including sur-tax) payable by his wife or her husband, as the case may be.

(4) Nothing in this section shall apply to any sum to which section 434 applies by virtue of section 288.