Income Tax Act, 1967.


Special Provisions as to Assurance Companies and Investment Businesses

Relief for expenses of management.

214.—(1) Where an assurance company carrying on life assurance business, or any company whose business consists mainly in the making of investments, and the principal part of whose income is derived therefrom, or any savings bank or other bank for savings, claims and proves to the satisfaction of the Special Commissioners that, for any year of assessment, it has been charged to tax by deduction or otherwise, and has not been charged in respect of its profits in accordance with the provisions of this Act applicable to Case I of Schedule D, the company or bank shall be entitled to repayment of so much of the tax paid by it as is equal to the amount of the tax on any sums disbursed as expenses of management (including commissions) for that year:

Provided that—

(a) relief shall not be given under this section so as to make the tax paid by the company or bank less than the tax which would have been paid if the profits had been charged in accordance with the provisions of this Act applicable to Case I of Schedule D; and

(b) the amount of any fines, fees, or profits arising from reversions in the case of an assurance company, and, in the case of any other company or any such bank, the amount of any income or profits derived from sources not charged to tax, shall be deducted from the amount treated as expenses of management for the year; and

(c) in calculating profits arising from reversions, the company may set off against those profits any loss arising from reversions for any previous year during which any enactment granting this relief was in operation.

(2) Notice of any claim to the Special Commissioners under this section, together with the particulars thereof, shall be given in writing to the inspector within twelve months after the expiration of the year of assessment in respect of which the claim is made, and where the inspector objects to such claim the Special Commissioners shall hear and determine the same in like manner as in the case of an appeal to them against an assessment under Schedule D, and the provisions of this Act relating to the statement of a case for the opinion of the High Court on a point of law shall apply.

(3) A company or bank shall not be entitled to any relief under this section in respect of any expenses as to which relief may be claimed or allowed under section 23 or 24.

(4) Where an assurance company, not having its head office in the State, is charged under Case III of Schedule D, on a proportion of the income from the investments of its life assurance fund, or on a basis substituted therefor, the relief in respect of expenses of management shall be calculated by reference to a like proportion of its total expenses of management for the year, estimated according to the provisions of this Act.

(5) Where income arising from the investments of the foreign life assurance fund of an assurance company has been relieved from tax in pursuance of the provisions of this Act, a corresponding reduction shall be made in the relief granted under this section in respect of the expenses of management.