Income Tax Act, 1967.

Delivery of lists by persons in receipt of income of others.

176.—(1) Every person who, in whatever capacity, is in receipt of any money or value, or of profits or gains arising from any of the sources mentioned in this Act, of or belonging to any other person who is chargeable in respect thereof, or who would be so chargeable if he were resident in the State and not an incapacitated person, shall, whenever required to do so by any general or particular notice, prepare and deliver, within the period mentioned in such notice, a list in the prescribed form, signed by him, containing—

(a) a statement of all such money, value, profits or gains;

(b) the name and address of every person to whom the same shall belong;

(c) a declaration whether every such person is of full age, or a married woman or is resident in the State or is an incapacitated person.

(2) If any person above described is acting jointly with any other person, he shall, in like manner, deliver a list of the names and addresses of all persons joined with him at the time of delivery of the list mentioned in subsection (1).