Industrial Training Act, 1967



Power to ensure the provision, as respects activity of industry, of trained persons.

41.—(1) For the purpose of ensuring the provision of a sufficient number of trained persons to meet the requirements of an activity of industry, An Chomhairle may make such arrangements as appear to it to be necessary.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1) of this section, An Chomhairle, for the purpose mentioned in the said subsection (1) may, if it thinks fit, do either or both of the following:

(a) if it is satisfied that an employer who carries on—

(i) a designated industrial activity, or

(ii) a trade which stands specified for the time being in an order under section 21 of the Act of 1959,

has adequate facilities for the training of persons by way of apprenticeship in an employment in the activity or trade, arrange with the employer for the taking by him of a person into an employment in the activity or trade by way of apprenticeship;

(b) arrange with an employer for the taking by him into an employment in an activity of industry of a particular person who has successfully undergone training which was both for the employment and provided or approved as respects the activity by An Chomhairle under this Act.

(3) Where any arrangement has been made by An Chomhairle under this section a person shall not do any act or thing for the purpose either of preventing or obstructing An Chomhairle or an employer from carrying out the arrangement.