Criminal Procedure Act, 1967

Witness order.

9.—(1) The justice shall, if he decides to send the accused forward for trial, make an order (in this section referred to as a witness order) in respect of each person a statement of whose evidence has been supplied or whose deposition has been taken under this Part requiring him to attend and give evidence before the court by which the accused is to be tried and to produce any document or thing specified in the order.

(2) A person who without just excuse disobeys a witness order requiring him to attend before any court shall be guilty of contempt of that court.

(3) If, on the application of the Attorney General or an accused person, the justice is satisfied by evidence on oath that a particular person is unlikely to comply with a witness order, the justice may bind him by recognisance to appear at the trial and if he refuses to be so bound the justice may by warrant commit him to custody until the trial or until he enters into the recognisance; and the justice shall have the same powers for enforcing the attendance of such person before him for the purposes of this subsection as the District Court has in relation to witnesses in criminal proceedings.