Criminal Procedure Act, 1967

Remand in custody or on bail by the District Court.

22.—(1) Where the District Court remands a person or sends him forward for trial or sentence, the Court may—

(a) commit him to prison or other lawful custody, or

(b) release him conditionally on his entering into a recognisance, with or without sureties.

In this Part, references to “custody” are to a committal under paragraph (a) and references to “bail” are to a conditional release under paragraph (b).

(2) The Court may, instead of taking a recognisance from a person in accordance with subsection (1), fix the amount of the recognisance in which he and his sureties, if any, are to be bound with a view to their being subsequently taken in accordance with subsection (3) and in the meantime commit him to custody in accordance with subsection (1) (a).

(3) Where the Court fixes the amount of a recognisance under subsection (2), the recognisance may thereafter be taken by a justice of the Court or by a peace commissioner.

(4) Where a person is brought before the Court after remand under subsection (1) the Court may further remand him.