Criminal Procedure Act, 1967

Prohibition of publication of proceedings.

[cf. 1951, s. 20].

17.—(1) No person shall publish or cause to be published any information as to any particular preliminary examination other than a statement of the fact that such examination in relation to a named person on a specified charge has been held and of the decision thereon.

(2) If it appears to a justice of the District Court, on the application of the Attorney General, that any person has contravened subsection (1), he may certify to that effect under his hand to the High Court and the Court may thereupon inquire into the alleged offence and after hearing any witnesses who may be produced against or on behalf of that person, and after hearing any statement that may be offered in defence, punish or take steps for the punishment of that person in the like manner as if he had been guilty of contempt of the Court.

(3) Subsection (1) shall not apply to the publication of such information as the justice by whom the preliminary examination was conducted permits to be published at the request of the accused.