Diseases of Animals Act, 1966

Orders as to dogs.

56.—The Minister may make orders—

(a) prescribing and regulating the muzzling of dogs, and the keeping of dogs under control;

(b) prescribing and regulating the wearing by dogs of a collar or harness with the name and address of the owner inscribed thereon or on a plate or badge attached thereto;

(c) with a view to the prevention of worrying of animals, for preventing dogs, or any kind of dogs, from straying during all or any of the hours between sunset and sunrise;

(d) providing that any dog in respect of which an offence is being committed against provisions made under paragraph (b) or (c), may be seized and treated as a stray dog under the enactments relating to dogs;

(e) prescribing and regulating the seizure, detention and disposal (including slaughter) of stray dogs and of dogs not muzzled, and of dogs not being kept under control, and the recovery from the owners of dogs of the expenses incurred in respect of their detention.