Diseases of Animals Act, 1966

Offences punishable by fine only, unless offence repeated within twelve months.

48.—(1) If a person, without lawful authority or excuse, proof of which shall lie on him, does any of the following things, he shall be guilty of an offence—

(a) if he does anything in contravention of this Act, or of an order of the Minister, or of a regulation of a local authority; or

(b) if, where required by this Act or by an order or regulation made thereunder to keep an animal or bird separate as far as practicable, or to give notice of disease with all practicable speed, he fails to do so; or

(c) if he fails to give, produce, observe, or do any notice, licence, rule, or thing which by this Act, or by an order of the Minister, or by a regulation of a local authority, or by an authorised person he is required to give, produce, observe, or do; or

(d) if he does anything which by this Act or an order of the Minister is made or declared to be not lawful; or

(e) if he does or omits anything, the doing or omission of which is declared by this Act or by an order of the Minister to be an offence; or

(f) if he refuses to an inspector or other officer or authorised person acting in execution of this Act, or of an order of the Minister, or of a regulation of a local authority, admission to any land, building, place, vessel, pen, vehicle, boat or aircraft which the inspector or officer is entitled to enter or examine, or obstructs or impedes him in so entering or examining, or otherwise in any respect obstructs or impedes an inspector or a member of the Garda Síochána in the execution of his duty, or assists in any such obstruction or impeding; or

(g) if he throws or places, or causes or suffers to be thrown or placed, into or in any river, stream, canal navigation, or other water, or into or in the sea within three miles of the shore, the carcase of an animal or bird which has died of disease, or been slaughtered as diseased or suspected; or

(h) if when duly required to do so under this Act or any order made thereunder he refuses or fails to give information within his knowledge or wilfully or negligently gives false or misleading information.

(2) A person who is guilty of an offence under subsection (1) shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £100.

(3) A person who has been convicted of an offence under any paragraph of subsection (1) shall, if within twelve months after such conviction he commits a further offence under the same paragraph, be liable on summary conviction, at the discretion of the court, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month in lieu of the fine to which he is liable under subsection (2).