Housing Act, 1966

Repayment of grant to Minister or housing authority on breach of undertaking.

34.—(1) Where the Minister or a housing authority has or have paid to any person or body a grant under this Part of this Act or an instalment of a grant, and in accordance with regulations applying in respect of the grant or as a condition of receiving the grant, the person or body, as the case may be, has given an undertaking to the Minister or the authority and the undertaking has not been complied with, the following provisions shall have effect:

(a) the person or body shall be liable to repay to the Minister or the authority the amount of the grant or instalment, as the case may be; and

(b) the amount may be recovered by the Minister or the authority from the person or body as a simple contract debt in any court of competent jurisdiction.

(2) Where a sum is due to a housing authority by the Minister and, at the same time, the authority is liable under this section to repay an amount to the Minister, the sum may be set off against the amount either, as may be appropriate, in whole or in part.