Merchant Shipping Act, 1966

Amendment of section 271 of Merchant Shipping Act, 1894.

19.—(1) For subsection (1) of section 271 of the Principal Act (which prohibits passenger steamers carrying more than twelve passengers from sailing without a certificate of survey) there shall be substituted the following subsection:—

“(1) Every passenger steamer which carries more than twelve passengers shall be surveyed once at least in each year in the manner provided in this Part of this Act; and no ship (other than a steam ferry boat working in chains) shall proceed to sea or on any voyage or excursion with more than twelve passengers on board, unless there is in force in respect of the ship a certificate as to survey under this Part of this Act, applicable to the voyage or excursion on which the ship is about to proceed, or that voyage or excursion is one in respect of which the Minister for Transport and Power has exempted the ship from the requirements of this subsection.”

and at the end of subsection (2) of that section (which enables a passenger ship to be detained until such a certificate is produced) there shall be inserted the words “unless the voyage or excursion on which she is about to proceed is one in respect of which she has been exempted as aforesaid”.

(2) References in the Merchant Shipping Acts to a passenger steamer shall be construed as including any ship while on or about to proceed on a voyage or excursion in any case where a passenger steamer's certificate is required to be in force in respect of her.