Merchant Shipping Act, 1966

Extension of power to make rules for life-saving appliances.

10.—Subsection (1) of section 427 of the Principal Act (which empowers the Minister for Transport and Power to make rules for life-saving appliances) shall be amended as follows:—

(a) in paragraph (e) (buoyant apparatus required to be carried on board ships carrying passengers) the words “carrying passengers” shall be omitted;

(b) after paragraph (m) there shall be inserted the following paragraph:—

“(mm) the provision in ships of plans or other information relating to the means of preventing, detecting, controlling and extinguishing outbreaks of fire”;

(c) in paragraph (q) (examination of appliances and equipment required by the rules to be carried) after the word “examination” there shall be inserted the words “and maintenance”.

Radio installations and certificates