Mines and Quarries Act, 1965


Notification and Investigation of Accidents and Diseases


Notification of certain accidents.

98.—(1) Where an accident occurs at a mine or quarry, causing the death of, or serious bodily injury to, a person employed, notice of the accident, in such form and accompanied by such particulars as may be specified by the Minister, shall forthwith be given by the responsible person to an inspector and to such person as may for the time being be nominated—

(a) in a case where there is an association or body representative of a majority of the persons employed, by that association or body,

(b) in any other case, jointly by associations or bodies which are together representative of such a majority,

to receive on behalf of the persons so employed notices under this subsection.

(2) Where an accident causing serious bodily injury is notified under this section, and after notification the injured person dies, notice of the death shall, as soon as it comes to the knowledge of the responsible person, be given by him to an inspector and to the person so nominated.

(3) Where an accident to which this section applies occurs to a person employed at a mine or quarry and the owner of the mine or quarry is not the actual employer of that person, the actual employer shall, if he fails to report the accident to the responsible person immediately, be guilty of an offence.