Mines and Quarries Act, 1965

Periodical returns by owners.

124.—(1) It shall be the duty of the owner of a mine or quarry if directed so to do by the Minister, to furnish to him, within such period and in such form and manner as may be specified in the direction, such returns and statistics relating to the mine or quarry, and such other information (if any) relating thereto, as may be so specified.

(2) No returns, statistics or other information obtained under this section shall, without the consent in writing of the person carrying on the undertaking, be disclosed except—

(a) with the consent of the Minister, to specified persons, being officers of a State authority, namely, a Minister of State, the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland or the Land Commission, where the Minister is satisfied that it is necessary for the proper discharge of the functions of that State authority so to do, or

(b) in the form of a summary of similar returns, statistics or other information furnished by a number of owners of mines or quarries, being a summary so framed as not to enable particulars relating to the undertaking of a particular person to be ascertained therefrom, or

(c) for the purposes of any proceedings for an offence under this Act or any report of any such proceedings.