Succession Act, 1965

Administration on behalf of the State.

[1884 (c. 71) ss. 2, 3]

65.—(1) Where administration of an estate is granted for the use or benefit of the State (whether to the Chief State Solicitor, the Solicitor for the Attorney General or any other person), any legal proceedings by or against the administrator for the recovery of the estate or any share thereof shall be of the same character and be instituted and carried on in the same manner, and be subject to the same rules of law and equity in all respects, as if the grant had been made to the administrator as a person beneficially entitled to a share of the estate.

(2) Proceedings on behalf of or against the State in respect of the estate of a deceased person or any share thereof or any claim thereon shall not be instituted except subject to the same rules of law and equity in and subject to which proceedings for the like purposes might be instituted by or against a private individual.


(3) Where the Chief State Solicitor for the time being is administrator of an estate for the use or benefit of the State, he shall cease to be administrator on ceasing to hold office and his successor in office shall become administrator in his place without further grant