Succession Act, 1965

Fees to be taken at district probate registries.

130.—(1) In this section, “the Act of 1936” means the Courts of Justice Act, 1936 .

[1959 (No. 8) s. 24 (1)]

(2) For the purposes of section 65 (which empowers the Minister to prescribe court fees) of the Act of 1936, every district probate registry shall be deemed to be an office established by the Court Officers Act, 1926 .

S.I. No. 251 of 1956.

(3) The Supreme Court and High Court (Fees) Order, 1956, as modified by section 24 of the Administration of Estates Act, 1959 , shall, notwithstanding the repeal of that Act by this Act, continue to apply in respect of each district probate registry and each district probate registrar.