Land Act, 1965

Operation of orders under section 24 of Land Act, 1939.

41.—(1) An order of the Land Commission under section 24 of the Land Act, 1939 (as extended by section 25 of the Land Act, 1950 , and as amended by section 23 of the Land Act, 1953 ) confirming a scheme under the said section 24 shall operate, and be deemed always to have operated, to confine—

(a) to each portion of the land allotted by such scheme, or

(b) to each right or rights in relation to the part or parts of the land specified in such scheme,

all estates, interests, burdens, charges, liabilities and equities which immediately before the making of the order affected the undivided share or undivided right or rights.

(2) The provisions of subsection (1) of this section are additional to, and not in substitution for, the provisions of subsection (5) of section 24 of the Land Act, 1939 .