Land Act, 1965

Amendment of section 18 of Land Act, 1927.

31.Section 18 of the Land Act, 1927 , is hereby amended—

(i) by the substitution for subsection (4) of the following subsection:

“(4) In every such case a sum equal to the difference between the amount for which the Land Commission or any persons in occupation of the land as allottees or purchasers from the Land Commission are made liable by subsection (1) of this section and the total amount which would but for the provisions of the said subsection have been legally recoverable from those persons in respect of rates and arrears of rates if proceedings for the recovery thereof had been instituted against such persons on the appointed day may be paid and discharged as a claim against the purchase money of the lands in priority to all other claims against the said purchase money.”, and

(ii) by the insertion after “‘the appointed day’” in subsection (5) of “and with the substitution of ‘as a claim attached to the resumption price of the holding’ for ‘as a claim against the purchase money of the lands.’”.