Land Act, 1965

Extinguishment of certain sporting rights.


(a) lands have been registered under the Registration of Title Acts, 1891 and 1942, or the Registration of Title Act, 1964 ,

(b) on such registration the sporting rights other than fishing rights on or over such lands were reserved to a person other than the registered owner, and

(c) the said rights so reserved have not been exercised in the period of twelve years ending on the passing of this Act or in any period of twelve years ending on a date subsequent to the passing of this Act,

the said rights so reserved shall, and are hereby declared to, cease to exist on the expiry of such period and, upon application being made by any person interested the Registrar of Titles shall, if satisfactory evidence of the exercise of the said rights in such period is not forthcoming, cause the entry of the said rights to be cancelled in the appropriate register.