Extradition Act, 1965

Offences committed abroad by Irish citizens.

[cf. Art. 6.2]

38.—(1) Where any citizen of Ireland does any act outside the State which constitutes an offence for which he would be liable to extradition but for the fact that he is a citizen of Ireland he shall be guilty of the like offence and be liable on conviction to the like punishment as if the act were done within the State.

(2) No proceedings for an offence under subsection (1) shall be taken except by direction of the Attorney General, given following a request to that effect made in the manner provided for in section 23 by the country within whose territory the act is alleged to have been committed.

(3) This section shall apply only to acts committed after the commencement of this Act.

(4) For the purpose of the exercise of jurisdiction, in relation to an offence to which subsection (1) applies, by any court of competent jurisdiction the act constituting the offence shall be deemed to have been committed within the area of the Dublin Metropolitan District.