Trustee Savings Banks Act, 1965

Authorisation of certain payments.

2.—In the case of any trustee savings bank, notwithstanding anything contained in the Acts or the rules and regulations for the management of the bank—

(a) a payment may, on the instructions of a depositor, be made out of his deposits to another person,

(b) such a payment may be made without production of the deposit book where it is being made under a standing order from the depositor,

(c) where a demand for payment out of deposits is made on production of the deposit book, reference to the ledger shall not be obligatory if the amount demanded does not exceed ten pounds or such other amount as may be prescribed by the Minister for Finance by regulations,

(d) on the death of a depositor, payment may be made to the Revenue Commissioners out of his deposits in respect of death duties, and probate or other proof of title of his personal representative may be dispensed with in relation to any such payment.