Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act, 1965

Prohibition of docking and nicking of horses.

5.—(1) Save as is in this section provided, the docking or nicking of horses is prohibited.

(2) The operation of docking or of nicking may be performed in any case in which a veterinary surgeon is satisfied that the operation is necessary for the health of the horse.

(3) Any person who performs the operation of docking or of nicking in contravention of this section or who causes or permits (within the meaning of section 1 of the Principal Act) such an operation to be so performed shall be guilty of an offence of cruelty within the meaning of the Principal Act and shall be liable to the penalties specified in section 1 of that Act.

(4) In this section—

“docking” means the removing of any bone or any part of a bone from the tail of a horse;

“nicking” means the severing of any tendon or muscle in the tail of a horse.