Guardianship of Infants Act, 1964

Appointment and removal of guardians by court.

8.—(1) Where an infant has no guardian, the court, on the application of any person or persons, may appoint the applicant or applicants or any of them to be the guardian or guardians of the infant.

(2) When no guardian has been appointed by a deceased parent or if a guardian so appointed dies or refuses to act, the court may appoint a guardian or guardians to act jointly with the surviving parent.

(3) A guardian appointed by the court to act jointly with a surviving parent shall continue to act as guardian after the death of the surviving parent.

(4) The court may remove from office any guardian appointed by will or deed or order of court.

(5) The court may appoint another guardian in place of a guardian so removed or in place of a guardian appointed by any such order who dies.