Registration of Title Act, 1964

Inhibition of registered dealings.

98.—(1) The court or, subject to an appeal to the court, the Registrar, on the application of any person interested in any registered land or charge, may, after directing such inquiries (if any) to be made and notices to be given and hearing such persons as the court or Registrar thinks expedient, make an order or, in the case of an application to the Registrar, an entry, inhibiting for a time, or until the occurrence of an event to be named in the order or entry, or except with the consent of or after notice to some specified person, or generally until further order or entry, any dealing with any registered land or registered charge.

(2) The Registrar, on the application of the person who has obtained an order of the court under the provisions of this section, shall make an entry of the order on the register in the prescribed manner.

(3) The court or Registrar may annex to any such order or entry any terms or conditions they think fit, and may discharge any such order or cancel any such entry, and generally may exercise such powers as the justice of the case requires; but nothing herein contained shall empower the Registrar to discharge an order made by the court.

(4) (a) Nothing in this section shall authorise any restrictions to be imposed on the powers of a tenant for life, or a person having the powers of a tenant for life, under the Settled Land Acts.

(b) Any entry made under this section may be withdrawn or modified at the instance of all the persons for the time being appearing by the register to be interested therein.