Registration of Title Act, 1964

Production of deeds.


(a) an application is made for the registration of an owner of land, or

(b) the Registrar has occasion, in the course of his duties, to investigate the title to registered land or to a burden on registered land,

if any person has in his possession or custody any deeds, wills or instruments affecting the title, to the production of which the applicant or any trustee for him is entitled or the production of which the Registrar considers, on any such occasion, to be necessary for the purpose of such investigation, the Registrar may require that person to show cause, within a time limited, why he should not produce such deeds, wills, or instruments, or any of them; and, unless cause is shown to the satisfaction of the Registrar within the time limited, he may order that the deeds, wills or instruments, or any of them shall be produced at the expense of the applicant, at such time and place, and in such manner, and on such terms as he thinks fit.