Registration of Title Act, 1964

Registry Maps and Boundaries

Ordnance Survey maps to be kept in central office.

84.—(1) There shall be kept in the central office the latest available Ordnance Survey maps for the State.

(2) Provision may be made by general rules for marking or defining on such maps (in this Act referred to as “registry maps”) in the prescribed manner the lands the title to which has been registered under this Act, and for reference in the register to such maps, and such maps shall be open to public inspection at such times, in such manner, and upon such terms as shall be prescribed.

(3) The Registrar shall have and be deemed always to have had power to adopt, in any particular case, for the purposes of registration, any map which he considers satisfactory and such map, when so adopted, shall, for the purposes of this Act and of the repealed enactments, be and be deemed always to have been a registry map.