Registration of Title Act, 1964


Transfer of registered land.

51.—(1) Subject, in the case of a limited owner, to the Settled Land Acts, a registered owner of land may transfer the land or any part thereof, and the transferee shall be registered as owner of the land transferred.

(2) There shall be executed on the transfer an instrument in the prescribed form, or in such other form as may appear to the Registrar to be sufficient to convey the land, but until the transferee is registered as owner of the land transferred, that instrument shall not operate to transfer the land.

(3) On registration of the transferee, the Registrar shall deliver to him a land certificate.

(4) Where part only of the land is transferred, the Registrar shall either allow the transferor to retain his land certificate with an entry therein as to the part transferred, or deliver to him a new land certificate in respect of the land retained by him.