Finance Act, 1964


Stamp Duties

Termination of stamp duty on certain instruments.

23.—(1) An instrument referred to under any of the following headings in the First Schedule to the Stamp Act, 1891, shall be exempt from all stamp duties—

(a) Letter of Allotment and Letter of Renunciation, or any other document having the effect of a letter of allotment.

(b) Scrip Certificate, Scrip, or other document.

(c) Letter or Power of Attorney, and Commission, Factory, Mandate, or other instrument in the nature thereof.

(d) Notarial Act.

(e) Protest of any bill of exchange or promissory note.

(f) Voting Paper.

(2) This section shall come into operation on the 1st day of August, 1964, or the date of the passing of this Act, whichever is the later.