Patents Act, 1964

Official Journal.

81.—(1) The Controller shall issue periodically a journal (which is referred to in this Act as the Journal) in which he shall publish all matters which he is directed by this Act or otherwise by law to publish, and also such matters and information as appear to him to be useful or important in relation to patented inventions and other matters for which he is responsible under this Act or otherwise by law.

(2) The Controller may issue periodically either in or as a supplement to the Journal or as a separate publication reports of—

(a) cases relating to patents, designs, trade marks or copyright decided in the State, and

(b) such cases relating to patents, designs, trade marks, or copyright decided outside the State as the Controller may consider to be useful or important.

(3) The Controller may prepare and publish indexes, abridgments of specifications, catalogues and other works relating to inventions, patents, designs, and trade marks.

(4) The Controller shall make provision for the sale of copies of all documents which he is by this section, or otherwise by law, directed or authorised to issue or publish, and also of all complete specifications (together with any accompanying drawings) of patents in force under this Act.