Patents Act, 1964

Power to correct clerical errors, etc.

66.—(1) The Controller may, in accordance with the provisions of this section, correct any clerical error in any patent, any application for a patent, or any document filed in pursuance of such an application, or, without prejudice to subsection (6) of the last foregoing section, any error in the register of patents.

(2) A correction may be made in pursuance of this section either upon a request in writing made by any person interested and accompanied by the prescribed fee, or without such a request.

(3) Where the Controller proposes to make any such correction as aforesaid otherwise than in pursuance of a request made under this section, he shall give notice of the proposal to the patentee or the applicant for the patent, as the case may be, and to any other person who appears to him to be concerned, and shall give them an opportunity to be heard before making the correction