Patents Act, 1964

Supplementary provisions as to searches, etc.

16.—(1) The powers of the Controller under section 13 or section 14 of this Act may be exercised either before or after the complete specification has been accepted or a patent granted to the applicant, and references in those sections to the applicant shall accordingly be construed as including references to the patentee.

(2) Where a complete specification is amended under the foregoing provisions of this Act before it has been accepted, the amended specification shall be examined and investigated in like manner as the original specification.

(3) The examination and investigations required by the foregoing provisions of this Act shall not be deemed to warrant the validity of any patent, and no liability shall be incurred by the Minister or Controller or any officer of the Minister or Controller by reason of or in connection with any such examination or investigation or any report or other proceedings consequent thereon.