Courts Act, 1964

Alteration of circuits.

3.—(1) The Government may from time to time, if they so think fit, by order—

(a) alter the composition of a circuit (other than the Dublin Circuit and the Cork Circuit) by adding to or removing from the circuit a county or counties or a county borough or county boroughs or a county or counties and a county borough or county boroughs, and

(b) where appropriate, attach to the circuit a name by which the circuit shall be known in substitution for its existing name.

(2) Before making an order under this section the Government, acting through the Minister, shall consult with the President of the Circuit Court and the judges of the Circuit Court (if any) permanently assigned to the circuits to which the order will relate.

(3) (a) An order under this section may make provision for the continuation and completion of any business transacted in a circuit to which the order relates which is initiated before the commencement of the order and is not completed before such commencement.

(b) For the purposes of this subsection, business transacted in the Circuit Court shall be regarded as being initiated on the day on which the civil bill or other originating document relating to it is issued.