Hotel Proprietors Act, 1963

Liability for property.

6.—(1) Where sleeping accommodation is engaged for a person as a guest at a hotel, whether or not under special contract, the proprietor is liable for any damage to, or loss or destruction of, property received by him from that person or from some other person on his behalf.

(2) A motor vehicle shall be deemed to have been received by the proprietor where it has been placed within the premises of the hotel or in any garage, car park or other premises provided by the proprietor of the hotel for this purpose.

(3) The liability imposed by this section does not apply to a motor vehicle or to any property left therein unless the proprietor of the hotel or some servant of his authorised, or appearing to be authorised, for the purpose has been previously notified that the motor vehicle has been brought to the hotel.

(4) The liability imposed by this section—

(a) applies only where the damage, loss or destruction occurs during the time for which the sleeping accommodation is engaged or during a reasonable period before or after that time;

(b) extends to property of which the proprietor of the hotel takes charge, whether at the hotel or outside it, during that time or period.

(5) The proprietor is exempt from liability under this section to the extent that the damage, loss or destruction is due to an unforeseeable and irresistible act of nature or an act of war or is due to the guest himself or to any person accompanying him or in his employment or visiting him.