Local Government (Planning and Development) Act, 1963

Compensation in relation to section 48.

63.—(1) If, on a claim made to the planning authority, it is shown that the value of an interest of any person in land, being land over which a public right of way has been created by an order under section 48 of this Act made by that authority, is depreciated, or that any person having an interest in such land has suffered damage by being disturbed in his enjoyment of the land, in consequence of the creation of the public right of way, that authority shall pay to that person compensation equal to the amount of the depreciation or damage.

(2) A claim under this section shall be made within (but not after)—

(a) six months after the time when the order creating the public right of way commences to have effect, or

(b) such longer period as the Circuit Court may allow if it appears to the Court that there are reasonable grounds for requiring a longer period and that it would be just and reasonable to extend the period.