Local Government (Planning and Development) Act, 1963


Matters for which Building Regulations may prescribe Standards.

Section 86 .

1. Preparation of sites.

2. Strength and stability.

3. Fire precautions (including resistance of structure to the outbreak and spread of fire, the protection of occupants and means of escape in the event of fire).

4. Resistance to moisture.

5. Resistance to the transmission of heat.

6. Resistance to the transmission of sound.

7. Durability.

8. Resistance to infestation.

9. Drainage.

10. Ventilation (including the provision of open space therefor).

11. Daylighting (including the provision of open space therefor).

12. Heating and artificial lighting.

13. Services, installations and ancillary equipment (including services, installations and ancillary equipment for the supply or use of gas or electricity, and the provision of such arrangements for heating and cooking as are calculated to prevent or control so far as practicable the emission of smoke or noxious gases).

14. Accommodation and ancillary equipment.

15. Access.

16. Prevention of danger and obstruction.